Christine Hutchinson Lac La Ronge Indian Band Christine's practice is dedicated to supporting First Nations and their governing structures, be it Chiefs and Councils, their business entities or other agencies, or organizations whose common goal it is to enhance community life. Christine specializes in Aboriginal Law* and works as a solicitor on matters related to land claims, incorporation, not-for-profits, governance, employment, administration, and justice. Her training in project management and collaborative law have proven to be essential tools in the broad and complex practice of Aboriginal Law. Christine is a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, a Woodland Cree tribe located approximately 3 hours north of Prince Alberta, Saskatchewan. As a third generation descendant of Chief Joseph Charles, headman and signatory to Treaty Number 6, Christine is also a beneficiary of treaty teachings. Principles of partnership, respect, integrity and trust are reflected in the quality of her work and in the relationships she has formed with clients and colleagues alike. Education: Having graduated with honours in Sociology and Aboriginal Justice, Christine pursued studies in law at the University of Victoria, and as a visiting scholar at Harvard University. She completed her Juris Doctor at the University of Saskatchewan College of Law. While at university, Christine was an active member in Aboriginal Student associations and worked as a tutorial instructor for the Department of Native Studies. Christine's research focused on aboriginal overrepresentation, alternative/multi-party dispute resolution, and protection of traditional ecological knowledge. Upon graduation of law school, Christine obtained articles with Saskatchewan Justice and later entered private practice at Hunter Miller LP. She thereafter operated her own Aboriginal Law Firm for a number of years. While balancing family life and following a move to Calgary, Christine worked at Siksika Nation from 2007 to 2014 providing legal aid, advice, and representation to Nation members on civil, criminal, and family matters. In 2014 Christine joined Eagle Law as Senior Legal Counsel.   Affiliations and Interests: Called to Bar, 2002 (SK), 2006 (AB) Indigenous Bar Association Canadian Bar Association Director, Awo Taan Healing Lodge Director, Legal Aid Alberta *For more information about Aboriginal Law and Indigenous Lawyers, please go to or