Firm Profile

Our approach is unique. We work with First Nations to ensure that the objectives are driven from the community. Given that our staff is predominantly First Nations, we understand how important it is to make sure that our work is supported by the community from an early stage and through to implementation. To that end, we welcome and are honoured to attend our clients’ Traditional Territories at every opportunity. We consider the relationships we build with community members as a key element of our practice.

At Eagle Law, we strive to exceed your expectations as efficiently as possible. We understand that First Nations have limited budgets, time and resources. We understand that settling a matter as quickly as possible means a greater benefit to your community, as opposed to the law firm.

Our team is comprised primarily of Senior Lawyers who each have over 15 years of legal experience working with First Nation communities and issues. This means you will benefit from our vast understanding and experience resulting in more beneficial outcomes for less money. Since we also understand First Nation interests, we are able to advise you in ways that can best serve your community. Our lawyers are licenced in a broad range of jurisdictions including Alberta, British Columbia, and Yukon Territory.

Our experienced team and our association with other specialized law firms allow us to assist with virtually any issue facing First Nations governments and communities. In addition, over the years, we have established relationships with several key consultants and experts who provide invaluable technical assistance.

At Eagle Law, we utilize modern technology and strive to significantly reduce our carbon footprint through electronic paperless files where possible. We also utilize electronic research and filing systems to help organize the thousands of documents that often make up a claim. Through our use of modern technology, we are able to work closely with remote communities which can assist in keeping costs down.

Our fees are much lower than other law firms, and reflect the reality of First Nation budget considerations. At Eagle Law, we will always strive to provide our First Nation clientele a significant volume discount for their upfront legal costs. Plus, we believe that a client shouldn’t have to pay extra fees for settling a claim or agreement. We know we are paid well for our work, and we believe the real benefit of our work should go to the community, not the lawyers.

In some cases, a matter cannot be resolved without litigation or the threat of litigation. Our team is keenly aware of recent case law and will always keep the client informed about their prospects of success and the risks of having the courts settle a particular matter. At Eagle Law, our team of experienced trial lawyers combined with our associations with senior litigation firms provides you with the peace of mind that we have the ability to pursue a matter through the highest courts when required. Additionally, our lawyers are experienced in mediation and arbitration.

At Eagle Law, we understand the dynamics of Canadian law, business, and politics required to assist and advance First Nation objectives. We also embrace our traditional values and have strong roots in our own communities. This sets us apart from other law firms, and helps us ensure that we don’t recommend any measure that our own elders would reject.

At Eagle Law, we recognize that as professionals we have an obligation to give back to the public through community service. We actively sponsor community events and individuals, carry certain files pro bono, and assist in finding referrals for matters where there will be potential conflicts of interest. We believe these contributions will in part help lay the foundation for further growth and development of First Nations communities.