Michael Pflueger


Calgary, Alberta

Michael is Eagle Law Group’s litigator. He has been an advocate for First Nations throughout his career, with a background in commercial and general litigation on behalf of First Nations as well as First Nation governance. He worked in private practice as a litigator, and also spent several years working in the administration of an Alberta First Nation to reduce and streamline its litigation, and to advise on matters of governance, policy development and legislative development.

Michael has acted, as a litigator and as an advisor, in matters of First Nations governance, corporate governance, administrative law, commercial contracts, loan agreements, land use, trusts, torts, insolvency, employment law, and the prosecution of fraud and conspiracy. He has financially restructured First Nation owned corporations and negotiated multimillion dollar settlements, advised on Council procedure and drafted First Nation bylaws and legislation.

Michael has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Calgary, and Bachelor of Laws and Master of Business Administration Degrees from the University of Alberta.

While at the University of Alberta, Michael was an active member of the Aboriginal Law Students Association and participated in the Legal Reform Project for Student Legal Services. He has acted as Vice-President and Treasurer of the Bragg Creek Educational Services Association and was active in the Rotary Tom Jackson Stay-In-School Program for the Rotary Club of Calgary.

Michael is a single parent with three children.